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A Self Defense Special Event

Mission Martial Arts Academy is celebrating ten years of serving our community. One of our missions at the academy is to teach our familiesand friends how to stay safe, and keep our neighbors protected from harm.

To serve our community further, we are having a three hour self-defense workshop. This workshop will focus on easy to learn techniques that anyone can learn. You will understand the human anatomy with knowledge of medical science, and ancient wisdom.

- Teaching why open hands techniques are better than a clenchedfist - How to devastate an attacker using the body’s weak points - How to build internal energy to protect yourself and heal your body - How to use the un-bendable arm for defense - How the wave of your hand can drop an attacker

All are invited to this special event.

Instructor: T.D. Miller, 10 th Dan Location: 517 Henry Street, Brooklyn, NY. 11231 Date: Saturday, November 18, 2017 Workshop admission: $45.00 Time: 3PM - 6PM Children’s (12 and under) admission: $20.00 Phone: 718-395-2050

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