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Chul-Gi One Kata Workshop - May 21st

The Chul-Gi kata originated in China hundreds of years ago. This kata traveled from china to Okinawa, Japan, and Korea under different names like Nifanchin,

Naichanchin, Tekki, and Chul-Gi. This ancient form was the first kata students would learn, when starting martial arts in Okinawa. Sometimes this was the only kata students would learn. The Chul-Gi one kata has everything you need

for true self protection. It teaches you kicks, strikes, locks, holds, throws, and take downs. To make this kata even more effective, you will learn the art of Kyusho (vital area of the body, pressure points). You will also learn Shaolin Temple’s Six Ji Hands (six energy hands), Bunki (the art of analyzing, and

breaking down of the kata), and Tai Sabaki (the art of body movement).

This workshop will benefit every martial arts student, no matter your level or rank.

By attending this workshop you will increase your concentration, focus,

power, and ability to comprehend the katas.

Instructor: Professor T.D. Miller, 10th Dan

Location: 517 Henry Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231

Phone: (718)-858- 6876

Date: May 21, 2017

Time: 1pm-4pm Workshop admission: $40.00

Children’s (12 and under) admission: $30.00

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