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Spring Tournament - Saturday May 6th

Saturday May 5th - Spring Tournament

It's tournament time again! Our bi-annual tournament, where students compete against each other in forms and sparring, is open to all students from white to 3rd degree Black Belt. Attendees are split up into brackets containing students their age and approximate rank and compete in forms and sparring. White belts compete in three-step sparring and freestyle sparring is for colored belts. All younger children (5-6) will receive medals for competing and the winners will receive trophies and medals. There are three tournaments each year in which students will compete against students from other schools. Students of all ages and belt levels are encouraged to attend this inspiring event, even just to watch and cheer on their fellow students. The tournament is a great opportunity to meet students from other schools, see exhibitions by black belts from around the country, and experience the pressures of performing at your best. Date: Saturday May 5th Place: Bay Ridge Prep Lower School Gym (8101 Ridge Blvd.) Time: 12 noon. Doors open at 11:30. Register early and save $15 on entry fee: Here is the link: Also, there will be a lower belt test that day as well. (yellow through high-brown) I will be letting students know and sending a form home if they are eligible for testing. If your child is scheduled for testing on that date, please be aware that I can only give an estimate of 3:00pm as to when the test will begin. To ensure attendance, plan to stay for much of the days activities. Thanks and hope to see you there!

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