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Women's Self-Defense Seminar

This self-defense seminar for women, ages 14+, will teach you basic self-defense techniques and go over concepts which will help you stay calm in a threatening situation, and give you the confidence to protect yourself and your family if you need to. The most important aspect of self-defense is NOT how well your body can perform ancient martial art movements or how much you can weight lift but how much you want to survive.

Taught by: Instructor Claudine Missale

Where: 356 Van Brunt Street (Mission Martial Arts Children's Center)

When: Friday - 7/28 6:00pm - 7:15pm             

             Sunday - 7/30 1:00pm-2:15pm & 3:00pm-4:15pm

Cost: $25 Registration Fee ( 20% discount for Red Hook residents)

We will start with a discussion about awareness and what it truly means to be aware of your surroundings. We will talk about obvious red flags and social behaviours and gain knowledge about relevant statistics that will help to minimize fear and panic in your self-defense situation. Know that there are non-physical options you can try first. Know the possible repercussions to getting into a fight, even if you are protecting yourself. Gain a better understanding of the anatomy of an opponent, it’s your anatomy, as we start with a simple warm up to introduce yourself to physical contact, challenge your reaction time and study the body’s response to applied pressure to joints, pulling, pushing and striking. Your own boundaries and personal space will be respected in the seminar, though you will be encouraged to challenge your comfortability.

Practice self-defense drills from the 4 positions women find the most frightening: bear hugged from behind, grabbed by the throat or collar, taken to the ground on your back, and, confronted with a weapon. Learn how to maximize space between you and your attacker and when to minimize space as well as dis-arm. Perform them with a partner and with the Instructor.

Never feel helpless again when confronted with defending yourself or your family. There are options for YOU no matter what size you are and whether or not you train in traditional martial arts, though it greatly increases your chance of survival, your desire to live and your ability to stay calm are most crucial. Just like any skill self-defense is a tool which must be constantly sharpened to be effective. Start developing the skills and the confidence you need to protect yourself and call 719-395-2050 to reserve your spot!

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