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Catskill Fordham Camp - Weekend of January 20th

Fordham Camp will be the evening of Friday, January 20th through that Sunday morning. What started out as a small group of students from the Fordham TKD club 20+ years ago has evolved into an exciting trip for all college students who practice in the World Martial Arts Association.

In the last few years we have seen large contingent of the Brockport TKD club in attendance as well. This trip includes special classes with the Headmaster of the World Martial Arts Association, workshops on philosophy and Martial Arts Therapy, and training in the rugged conditions of the Catskill mountains in the winter. Of course there is always lots of hot tea, great home cooked meals, jacuzzi time in the snow (bring your bathing suit), a beautiful sauna room (next to the jacuzzi), live music sessions, and sitting by a crackling, hot fire.

$150 ( including transportation and food)

And remember, if money is the only pressure or concern, don't pay it all at once and you can take as long as you need. Never miss an opportunity with Me or Mike because of money.

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