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About Mission

As one of the most established Martial Arts school in the Carroll Gardens / Cobble Hill area, Mission Martial Arts has a top rated reputation for offering martial arts lessons designed specifically for each age. Kids classes are teamwork driven and focus on concentration, confidence, discipline and respect, while adult classes are centered around awareness, conditioning, and practical self-defense.

Located at 517 Henry Street in the heart of Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, the Mission Martial Arts Academy opened its doors early September of 2006. This 600 sq ft. studio is equipped with a mirrored practice area with a bamboo hardwood floor, 2 hung heavy bags, floor mats for acrobatics, as well as various assorted punching and kicking pads for students to use. 

Mission Martial Arts is dedicated to the highest quality of Martial Arts education while at all times providing a positive experience and a healthy learning environment. At Mission, all students beginner to expert level, child to adult, will find a motivational atmosphere that encourages emotional, mental and physical development without the burdens of anxiety or fear of injury.

Founding Members

Mission Martial Arts Academy is the offspring of Pasquale(Pat) and Brian Natoli, brothers raised in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, and both students of the Martial Arts. Although Pat(Head Instructor) began his teaching at Fordham Universities Lincoln Center Campus, his Tae Kwon Do education began in Brooklyn in around 1989. Brian's study of Tae Kwon Do began around the same time, however, Brian found his love of training many years later in the form of MMA and Submission Grappling. After accumulating 11 years of teaching experience in both Manhattan and Brooklyn, and observing a need for exceptional instruction in the very neighborhood where their experience first began, 'The Mission'(as Headmaster Michal T. Dealy like to say) was born.

Master Pat Natoli

A high school math teacher during the day, owner and operator of Mission Martial Arts Pat Natoli holds a 6th Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do under the World Martial Arts Association and a 5th Degree Black Belt in Vee (Stand-Up) Jiu-Jitsu. With almost 30 years of martial arts experience, Pat has taught students of all ages in Brooklyn and Manhattan as has many dedicated black belt students. During that time he has established successful programs at Fordham University at Lincoln Center, Albee School of Dance, P.S.58 and Hannah Senesh Community Days School  in Brooklyn. Pat has also co-founded the Martial Arts Seasonal Intensive (MASI), a week long, all-day broad Martial Arts training program for kids.

Owner / Head Instructor - Misssion Martial Arts

Claudine Missale

Claudine brings 25 years of training and over 10 years of professional instruction for children of all ages (2 ½- 14+) from Mission’s flagship location and several satellite schools around Brooklyn and Manhattan since 2006.n...

Head Instructor - Mission Childrens Center

Grandmaster Robert J. Cooper

Robert Cooper has a a 10th Degree Black Belt in Jiu Jitsu, (awarded by 10th Dan Florendo Visitacion). Grandmaster Cooper is a licensed Board of Ed teacher and works as a Physical Education Teacher in Williamsburg and also teaches in Junior High School 50, in Brooklyn. Robert also conducts the pre-teen, and adult martial arts classes at New York's famed 92nd Street YMYWHA. At New York City Community College, where bob was a part time evening student, took an active part in student government (President of the Part Time Student Government Association, 1978-79, 79-80), taught free Korean Karate lessons, free Jiu Jitsu lessons, introduced Brazilian Black Belt capoeira teachers Jelon G. Vieira and Loremil Machado to the NYC Community College Scene by producing three big 1978 and 1979 shows titled "The Capoeiras of Bahia"; wrote articles for the Arts and Sciences student newspaper on the Angola, African roots of Capoeira, the oriental roots of other martial arts, the technique of finding a good martial arts school, all while maintaining a passing average.
Bob's five children have all studied a martial art; two (Eric and Cheryl) achieved yellow belt status, and three (Crystal, Gary and Robert Jr.) achieving Black Belt Status in korean karate under his tutelage and wife Sarah's solid support; who, as head of a recently formed (at the request of his students) International Martial Arts Institute on 56th Street in Manhattan, housed in the New York Conservatory of Dance, firmly believes in the ubiquitous benefits of study of the martial arts.

Vee Jiu-Jitsu Instructor, 10th Dan

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